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About Planet Earth

"At Planet Earth, we strive to instill trust and promote self-worth and confidence in our children. Respect must be shown at all times for the children, caretakers, and the environment."

Here at Planet Earth, we all take pride in giving more of a family based type of care to our children. We value bonding with each and every child, even the ones outside of our classrooms, and learning about them and their families.  We are proud to say that every staff member within our facility knows every child and their family. We take the time to get to know the child and their lifestyle outside of Planet Earth so that we can ensure they are comfortable when they are with us. We value teaching our children all of the domains that take part in their development. Social skills affect their learning and development so much. We strive to teach our children trust and respect for themselves and others around them, along with their environment. We are proud to have the excellent staff that we do. We would love to meet you and invite your family to become part of ours!

-Owner/Director, Mandi Goudy

Planet Earth is a FIVE Star-Rated center with Step Up To Quality, Ohio's quality rating and improvement system for licensed learning and development programs. Step Up To Quality recognizes learning and development programs that exceed licensing health and safety standards. For more info on Step Up To Quality, please visit


Infant Class

6 weeks - 18 months


Classroom ratio 1:5

Toddler Class

18 months - 3 years 

Classroom ratio 1:7

Preschool Class

3 years - 5 years

Classroom ratio 1:12

School-Age Class

5 years - 12 years

Classroom ratio 1:18

Tuition Rates

Age Group

Full Time: 5 Days

Max 9.5 hours/day

Part Time: 3 Days

Max 25 hours/week















$105before/$115 after
($150 both)


It’s important to remember that these rates are for on-time payments.  Tuition payments are due every Monday for that current week of child care.  If tuition payment is not made by Wednesday morning for that current week of child care, a $25.00 late fee will be added to that weeks tuition cost.


Child care is tax deductible and parent statements will be sent out by the middle of January.

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