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The Preschool Room


The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, Guided Edition is comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features inquiry, exploration, and discovery as the foundation of all learning. As a content-rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum, it delivers academic rigor alongside social-emotional development and cognitive development. And, it brings meaningful interactions and learning to life in your classroom regardless of configuration – traditional, remote, or a hybrid version.


Planet Earth uses Teaching Strategies Gold for formal assessments 2x per year. These results are reviewed during parent-teacher conferences. Teachers are trained to observe children during regular routines and activities in order to determine the level at which they are developing in each domain. 


Parent-Teacher conferences are held 2x per year in the Spring and Fall. Parents are always welcome to hold conferences outside of this time. During this meeting, teachers will discuss the child's development in all 5  domains; Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Language and Literacy, and Approaches Toward Learning. The parent/s and teacher will develop goals for the child/ren and discuss action steps along the way.

Activity Plans

Activity plans are shared at the end of the week for the following week via our communication app, Brightwheel. This allows parents to follow up at home with what their children are learning with us! 

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